Conference photo album


1st October 2005

2nd day

Z.-X. Shen, Stanford, USA
ARPES study of complex oxides

N. P. Ong, Princeton, USA
Vorticity, phase coherence and the Nernst effect in cuprates

A. Chubukov, Madison, USA
Spin-mediated pairing and non-Fermi liquid in electron-doped cuprates

P. D. Johnson, Brookhaven, USA
High resolution photoemission studies of strongly correlated systems

C. Di Castro, Roma, Italy
Fluctuating charge ordering in Cuprates

J.L. Sarrao, Los Alamos, USA
Tuning unconventional superconductors: CeIn2 and PuMGa2

Poster session+discussions (tea/coffee)

S. S. Saxena, Cambridge, UK
Elevated temperature superconductivity in graphite intercalates C6Yb and C6Ca

D. van der Marel, Geneve, Switzerland
Superconductivity induced spectral weight redistribution in cuprate high temperature superconductors

J. Hirsch, La Jolla, USA
Alternative electrodynamic equations for superconductors: theoretical and experimental implications

Discussion/presentation session on topics and talks



30 September 2005
Farewell Receptionparty

1 October 2005
Conference dinner

2 October 2005
Afterdiner talk

3 October 2005
Conference excursion

4 October 2005

5 October 2005

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photos by Ruth Monnier; design by Antun Čajkovac