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4th October 2005

5th day

P. Prelovšek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Spin fluctuations in cuprates and mechanism of high Tc

A. Rosch, Koeln, Germany
Dephasing by Kondo impurities: discussion of the local criticality mysticism

K. McElroy, Berkeley, USA
Autocorrelating ARPES: Bridging momentum and real space probes

E.V. Sampathkumaran, Mumbai, India
Transport anomalies in ternary rare-earth compounds of the type, RCuAs2

A. Finkelstein, Rehovot, Israel
Fermi-liquid description of a system with a weak spin-orbit interaction: chiral-spin resonance and spin-Hall conductivity

M. Fabrizio, Trieste, Italy
Strongly correlated superconductivity: hints from the Kondo physics

H. Keiter, Dortmund, Germany
Towards a solution of the CTMA integral equations and its implications for the dynamics of strongly correlated electron systems

G. Mihály, Budapest, Hungary
Exchange coupling in ferromagnetic (In,Mn)Sb

C. Honerkamp, Würzburg, Germany
Charge instabilities at the metamagnetic transition



30 September 2005
Farewell Receptionparty

1 October 2005
Conference dinner

2 October 2005
Afterdiner talk

3 October 2005
Conference excursion

4 October 2005

5 October 2005

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photos by Ruth Monnier; design by Antun Čajkovac