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30th September 2005

1st day

Opening of the Conference, A. Hewson

K. Ueda, Tokyo, Japan
Theory of Kondo transport through quantum dots - equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties

S. De Franceschi, Trieste, Italy
Electron correlations in carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires

F. Anders, Bremen, Germany
Real-time dynamics in Quantum Impurity Systems: A Time-dependent Numerical Renormalization Group Approach

J. Bonča, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Conductance Through Coupled Quantum Dots

A. M. Oleœ, Krakow, Poland
Magnetic and optical properties of Mott insulators with orbital degrees of freedom (exact results)

K. Becker, Dresden, Germany
Static and dynamic properties of the spinless Falicov-Kimball model



30 September 2005
Farewell Receptionparty

1 October 2005
Conference dinner

2 October 2005
Afterdiner talk

3 October 2005
Conference excursion

4 October 2005

5 October 2005

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photos by Ruth Monnier; design by Antun Čajkovac