Virtual proceedings
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Workshop on
Correlated Thermoelectric Materials

September 25th - 30th 2005, Hvar, Croatia

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  • Conference on
    Concepts in Electron Correlation

    September 30th - October 5th 2005, Hvar, Croatia

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    This virtual proceedings presents lectures and posters given at the third in a series of workshops and conferences on the topic of electron correlation we have held on the island of Hvar. The first two in 1999 and 2002, and the current one in 2005. The workshop took place from September 25th to 30th and the conference from September 30th to October 5th. The aim of these meetings has been to bring together some of the most active experimental and theoretical physicists working in the field to review the current issues in the physics of strong electron correlation. The present DVD with the virtual proceedings should facilitate the dissemination of scientific achievement reported at the workshop and the conference.

    The virtual proceedings provides the PowerPoint presentations of most oral contributions at the workshop and the conference, the webcasting of the lectures given at the workshop, and the abstracts of all contributions.

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