List of participants and titles of presentations
(the dates of presence are indicated in the brackets)

A. Aligia, Bariloche, Argentina (Sept 29 - Oct 6)

H. Alloul, Orsay, France (Sept 28 - Oct 2)
NMR studies of the Co charge states and the electronic properties of the various cobaltate phases

F. Anders, Bremen, Germany (Sept 25 - Oct 2)

I. Aviani, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 6)

E. Bauer, Vienna, Austria (Sept 26 - 30)
Thermoelectric features and magnetic properties of skutterudites Pr(Fe,Ni,Co)4Sb12

K. Becker, Dresden, Germany (Sept 26 - Oct 3)

K. Behnia, Paris, France (Sept 26 - 30)
Seebeck and Nernst coefficients of heavy-electron metals in the zero-temperature limit

A. Bentien, Dresden, Germany (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Synthesis strategies and materials for rare-earth containing thermoelectrics

A. Bilušić, Split, Croatia (Sept 25 - 30)
Magnetic ordering effects on thermal conductivity of geometrically frustrated system Cu2Te2O5(Cl2-xBrx)

J. Bonča, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Sept 25 - Oct 2)

B. Büchner, Dresden, Germany (Sept 27 - Oct 2)
Magnon Thermal Conductivity and Magnon Scattering in Low Dimensional Cuprates

S. Bühler-Paschen, Vienna, Austria (Sept 25 - 29)
Towards strongly correlated thermoelectrics

N. Butch, San Diego, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 5)

G. Czycholl, Bremen, Germany (Sept 26 - Oct 5)
Thermoelectric properties of heavy fermion systems calculated within a DMFT/NRG-treatment of the periodic Anderson model

B. Dóra, Budapest, Hungary (Sept 25 - 30)
Magnetothermopower and Nernst effect of Unconventional charge density waves

P. Fazekas, Budapest, Hungary (Sept 25 - 30)
Multipolar ordering in f- and d-electron systems

J. Flouquet, Grenoble, France (Sept 27 - Oct 4)
Thermoelectricity of URu2Si2: giant Nernst effect in the hidden-order state

L. Forró , Lausanne, Switzerland (Sept 29 - Oct 5)
Thermoelectric power of selected vanadium-based compounds

J. Freericks, Washington, DC, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 5)
Thermal transport in strongly correlated nanostructures

D. Gnida, Wroclaw, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 5)
Thermoelectric power in ThAsSe

C. Godart, Paris, France (Sept 25 - Oct 2)
Thermoelectric and magnetic properties of double filled (Ce,Yb)(Fe,Co,Ni)4Sb12

K. Gofryk, Wroclaw, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 5)
Environmental effect on the thermoelectrical properties of CePd3Gax

J. C. Gómez Sal, Santander, Spain (Sept 25 - 30)
Thermoelectricity and other effects in Rare Earths compounds with high magnetic disorder

A. Graovac, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 1)

S. Hartmann, Dresden, Germany (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Thermal Transport Properties of the Heavy-Fermion Compound YbRh2(Si1-xGex)2

A. Hewson, London, UK (Sept 25 - Oct 5)
A Renormalisation Group Approach to Fermi liquid Theory and Beyond

J. Hirsch, La Jolla, USA (Sept 30 - Oct 5)

B. Horvatić, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 1)

J. Jeffries, San Diego, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 5)

Z. Kletowski, Wroclaw, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 5)

U. Köhler, Dresden, Germany (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Low temperature specific heat of Ba8-xEuxGe43

R. Lackner, Vienna, Austria (Sept 26 - 30)
Driving thermoelectricity by doping in CePd3

R. Lemanski, Wroclaw, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 5)

P. Littlewood, Cambridge, UK (Sept 29 - Oct 3)

S. Maekawa, Sendai, Japan (Sept 28 - Oct 2)
Electronic and Transport Properties in Frustrated Correlated Lattices

G. D. Mahan, Penn State, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Solitons in Thermal Transport

Is this workshop a waste of time?

K. Maiti, Mumbai, India (Sept 29 - Oct 5)

M. B. Maple, San Diego, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 4)
Strongly correlated electron phenomena in filled skutterudite compounds.

A. Migliori, Los Alamos, USA (Sept 25 - 30)
Thermodynamics of Pu

M. Očko, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Investigation of a ferromagnet alloy system: CexLa1-xPt

N. Oeschler, Dresden, Germany (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Specifc heat of Na0.3CoO2*1.3H2O

A. M. Oleś, Krakow, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 3)
Magnetic and optical properties of Mott insulators with orbital degrees of freedom (exact results)

N. P. Ong, Princeton, USA (Sept 29 - Oct 5)
Thermopower and Hall effect in the bilayer and trilayer Na-doped cobaltate

P. Prelovšek, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Sept 28 - Oct 5)

V. Pudalov, Moscow, Russia (Sept 26 - Oct 4)
Thermoelectric power of two-dimensional electron systems in the vicinity of the "metal-insulator transition"

P. Rogl, Vienna, Austria (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Clathrates - from hydrate clathrates to intermetallics with thermoelectric properties

F. Ronning, Los Alamos, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 5)
The Pressure Dependence of Quantum Criticality in CeCoIn5

A. Rosch, Koeln, Germany (Sept 29 - Oct 5)

B. Sales, Oak Ridge, USA (Sept 25 - Oct 3)
An overview of the role of electron correlations in the thermoelectric performance of cobaltites, skutterudites, clathrates and rare earth intermetallics

E.V. Sampathkumaran, Mumbai, India (Sept 29 - Oct 5)

J.L. Sarrao, Los Alamos, USA (Sept 30 - Oct 3)

S.S. Saxena, Cambridge, UK (Sept 30 - Oct 5)

T. Sayles, San Diego, USA (Sept 25 - 30)

K. Schönhammer, Göttingen, Germany (Sept 27 - Oct 5)
Correlation effects in transport through quantum wires: A functional RG approach

P. Sharma, Los Alamos, UK (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
Enhanced Phonon Heat Transport at the ""Hidden Order"" Transition in URu2Si2

S. B. Shastry, Santa Cruz, SAD (Sept 25 - 30)
Thermal Conductivity and Dynamical Thermal Transport Coefficients
in Condensed Matter I and II

A. Shvaika, Lviv, Ukraine (Sept 25 - Oct 5)

I. Smiljanić, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 1)
The transport properties of the phase B-Mg2Al3

Ž. Šimek, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 1)

V. H. Tran, Wroclaw, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 5)

P. Wiśniewski, Wroclaw, Poland (Sept 25 - Oct 5)
Anisotropy of the resistivity and thermoelectric power in cubic ferromagnets U3P4 and U3As4

K. Yamada, Kyoto, Japan (Sept 25 - Oct 56)
Electronic Structure and Superconductivity in CeMIn5 and PuCoGa5

V. Zlatić, Zagreb, Croatia (Sept 25 - Oct 6)
Thermoelectricity of Ce, Yb and Eu compounds

photos by Ruth Monnier; design by Antun Čajkovac